Thursday, 11 June 2009

What is Next Generation Learning?

Becta have initiated the 'Next Generation Learning' campaign which aims to raise the profile of effective and innovative use of technology throughout learning and education.

They've created a range of very interesting videos, involving primary and middle education schools, covering a variety of topics:

Breaking down the Barriers (1 of 4): students and teachers at the Parkside Pupil Referral Unit in Ipswich, Suffolk, explain how the use of gaming technology can re-engage learners (Nintendo DS, Wii Fit):

Breaking down the Barriers (2 of 4): Twynham secondary and 6th form school demonstrates how students learn to use online content responsibly. Parents are encouraged to learn about e safety and be involved in their child's use of technology at home.

Breaking down the Barriers (3 of 4): plagiarism! - Twynham secondary and 6th form school explores how students can make the best use of the internet for research, whilst taking responsibility for sourcing and writing their own homework.

Breaking down the Barriers (4 of 4): "Is technology for learning good value for money?". Through use of a learning platform alongside traditional teaching methods, learners are more engaged and motivated, learning is enhanced and the general standard of achievement is raised.

It's worth saying that the videos don't really delve into the benefits of elearning it shows a lot of technology in use within and outisde of the classroom, and it's all very exciting but it's down to you as the viewer to extrapolate what's being shown to your own teaching context - particularly in terms of judging as to whether alternative forms of teaching and learning might be just as good. But again it's another example as to how schools are leading the way in terms of exploring and integrating learning technology into mainstream course delivery.

Finally the video below explains their concept of 'What is Next Generation Learning?' . Well shot with plenty of learning opportunities shown but I cant help feeling that the makers dropped the ball on this one - the family in focus can hardly be described as mainstream and so you wonder who the expected audience is.

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